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Start Earning from Your Blog

admin | 11 September, 2007 02:25

We have managed to get several of the templates updated and as of right now you can start earning money from your Blog! Yes, you can enable adsense and ads will show within your blog!

As of right now, the following templates have been updated to include technorati tags, social bookmarks and the big one - Adsense.

  •  standard
  • connections
  • glossyblue
  • delicious_fruit
  • FallingLeaves
  • subtle
  • fblue

All you need to do is to ensure you have one of these templates ( Control Centre >> Settings >> Blog Settings to change your template) enabled and then you just need to enable the plugins you want.

Adsense plugin can be found at  Control Center >> Settings >>  Google AdSense

You will need to enable the plugin, input your publisher ID and then  also enable content.   We reccomend that you enter the following within the boxes - as these setting have been tested with all templates.

  • google_ad_width  >> 468
  • google_ad_height >> 60
  • google_ad_format >> 468x60_as
  • google_ad_type >> text

If you want, you can of course use an ad channel.

If you are having trouble setting this up, then drop us a note using the contact form and we will do our best to assist.

Ok, in order to enable technorati tags you need to enable the plugin. Simply go to Manage >>Manage Posts >> Technorati and tick the box to enable.

Finally, if you want to enable Social Bookmarks so your blog readers can easily bookmark your blog posts just log in and go to  Control Centre >> Appearance Management >> Sociable and enable the plugin and select which of the social bookmarks you want within your posts.

We will continue to work on updating all of the templates so that all of these features are available everywhere. If you are using a template that we have not yet updated, please get in touch and we will put it to the top of the list. 

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