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admin | 24 August, 2007 04:40

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Recent Downtime

admin | 20 August, 2007 00:53

As you probably noticed we have had some downtime with the site.  We recently moved to a new server and during the move the database was corrupted.

We have finally managed to sort out most of the problems and will continue to work on fixing the remaining ones.

The good news is that your blog is now once again available and even better, all old posts have been restored.

We still have not managed to get all albums working correctly yet, but we are working on it.

You will probably have to select a new template as we have upgraded the software, and at the moment there are only a handful of templates that work.  Simply log into your Admin Panel and go to Control Centre >> Settings >> Blog Settings - then select a templae from there.

We plan on introducing some exciting new features over the next several weeks that will further enhance your Blogging experience. Some of the things that we are doing is installing some additional plugins - which will be visible in your Admin panel.


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