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Now Blogging Survey

admin | 13 October, 2007 19:19

We have just sent out the following Survewy to all Active bloggers - so we can look at how we can further improve your blogging experience - We are hoping to get a good few responses - you can either respond to the email or simply reply to this post with your answers.

We are wanting a bit of feedback on the Now Blogging Website, and you, the user are in the best position to answer a couple of questions for us.

The purpose of these questions is to help us determine what are the important features to you and what you would like to see in the future to enhance your blogging experience.

Q1. Why did you choose Now Blogging to host your blog?
          Suggested by a friend
          Great looking site
          Other - please explain

Q2. What is your favourite feature/s of Now Blogging?
          The 10 meg of free space to host images
          Plenty of templates to choose from
          Lots of plugins to enhance my blog
          Great Admin interface to manage my blog
          No adverts all over my blog
          Allowed to earn money via adsense from my own blog
          Other - please explain

Q3. What feature would you like added to Now Blogging?
          More templates
          Support Forums
          Help and howto pages
          Other - please explain

Q4. Is this your first blog?
          If No, how many blogs do you have and where are they (site name)

Q5. How often do you update your blog.
          A couple of times a week

Thanks for taking a few minutes to respond, from your answers we hope to further improve your blogging experience

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